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After experiencing national competition in the NVL Cup playing alongside members of the Tamworth Spartans Club mens squad in the 2014-15 season, Wombourne Volleyball Club entered their own Men's and Womens teams into the same competition in 2016.

For the 2018-19 season WVC will be entering a men's team into the both the NVL league and cup competitions. The WVC Ladies' NVL team will again compete in NVL cup competition.

WVC Men's NVL 2017-18

WVC Men 3 vs 0 Coventry & Warwick Riga

Black Country 1 1 vs 3 WVC Men

London Docklands 3 vs 0 WVC Men

WVC Ladies' NVL 2017-18

WVC Ladies 0 vs 3 Nottingham Rockets

WVC Ladies 1 vs 3 UK Armed Forces

Squad No. 3
Leanne Clarke
  Squad No. 8
Pash Holness
Squad No. 1
Lisa Hardwick
Squad No. 19
Ruth Holyoake
  Squad No. 16
Carmen Wong
Squad No. 11
Julie Ayres
Squad No. 14
Simona Bernane
  Squad No. 24
Marlene Sereizert

Squad No. 3
Adam Ross
  Squad No. 4
Mike Blower
Squad No. 11
Nick Stokes
Squad No. 8
Tom Bateman
  Squad No. 5
Michael DiBernardo
Squad No. 15
Justin Groves
Squad No. 10
Jarrod Turner
  Squad No. 9
Tim Stokes
Squad No. 20
Liam Cooper
  Squad No. 12
Dave Fowkes

  Squad No. 16
Rhys Kay